Perk Up - A wake-up call for coffee lovers

Enjoy local, ethical and organic food every day

The Perk Up menu is packed with local, ethical and fairtrade products that are delicious at any time of the day!


Enjoy our rich blend of Puro Fairtrade coffee in a variety of exciting ways:

Espresso - short, strong and black
Cappuccino - espresso topped with steamed, frothed milk
Café Latte - espresso mixed with steamed milk
Mocha – espresso and chocolate topped with steamed frothed milk
Americano - long and black
Frappe - iced Café Latte or iced Mocha

All our coffees can be enriched with a dash of speciality barista syrup, flavoured with French Vanilla, Ameretto, or Caramel

Perk Up signature coffee: Cortado - Let this Spanish favourite of ours perk up your day!

Hot Chocolate

The most luxurious, chocolatey Fairtrade ‘Divine’ Hot Chocolate we could find, it’s delicious!

Perk Up at an office coffee morning

Perk Up product range


We serve a refreshing selection of fine Tea’s by Twinings and an abundance of flavoured and fruit teas such as orange, cranberry and camomile.

Chai - An interesting blend of sweetened tea, milk and spices, we offer Spiced Chai or Vanilla Chai

Green Tea - renowned in China for having antioxidant properties, it is an acquired taste and if you are a Green Tea fan you’ll love this one!

Water, Fruit juices, Vegetable Juices and Smoothies are also available

Yummy Treats to accompany your coffee

We have sourced a selection of locally produced flapjacks, muffins and pastries, along with real potato chip snacks.

And for the children…

Bambinoccino - steamed frothy milk with a dusting of chocolate
Bambinofrappe - just good old fashioned milk over ice