Perk Up - A wake-up call for coffee lovers

Four people sharing a taste for real coffee

We are a new small business with big ideas! Perk Up is a quirky mobile coffee concept, dedicated to serving delicious, ethical and local produce throughout Lancashire and Yorkshire.

Our focus is on providing fairtrade, healthy and locally sourced products with a high degree of outstanding customer service. The Perk Up mobile coffee vehicle allows us to take our delicious produce to the tea drinking and coffee loving public - where and when you want it most!

Tasty coffee and healthy snacks can be difficult to come by when you're in a hurry to get to work or simply having fun at an event. This is why we created Perk Up. We want to give every event goer and commuter the opportunity to enjoy great produce.

Serving coffee from the Perk Up vehicle

The Perk Up team

Our story

We are four ordinary people passionate about extraordinary coffee. For years we, just like you, have had to put up with tastless, poor quality coffee and unhealthy snacks.

We wanted to change this. The concept of mobile coffee - "where and when you want it most"- was simply an idea that came from our own frustrations. So, one day we thought, "let's do it!".

With a shot of entrepreneurial spirit, some frothy hospitality experience and a sprinkling of passion we believe we have created the perfect blend that enables us to deliver the ultimate coffee experience to Perk Up Your Day!